Commission internationale permanente d'études des ordres de chevalerie 

International commission for orders of chivalry 

Comisión internacional permanente para las órdenes de caballería 

Commissione internazionale permanente per lo studio degli ordini cavallereschi 




Communique – Comunicato

We stress that these organizations who insert here documentation on SAR Dom Duarte, Duke of Braganza, don’t have political affiliations, are not royalist, are not Portuguese, but they feel correct to inform the public about their thoughton the historic right of SAR Dom Duarte.

On the next issue of Il Mondo del Cavaliere, international review on chivalric orders, n. 58, April-May 2015, there will be a study on this argument written by Pier Felice degli Uberti

I International Colloquium on Nobility
in memory of Don Vicente de Cadenas y Vicent (1915-2005)
Cronista de Armas of Kingdom of Spain
Madrid, 21st - 24th October 2015

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Associazione Insigniti Onorificenze Cavalleresche